Media Release #1 – Better Bike Lanes Launch

Media Release
October 16th, 2013



Saskatoon Cycles has launched a campaign to build public support for the installation of separated cycling lanes in downtown Saskatoon by the summer of 2014 – called “Better Bike Lanes”.

“Saskatoon’s size and geography makes us one of the best places for cycling in Canada. It is no surprise that we rank sixth amongst Canadian cities in the number of commuters who choose to cycle year-round,” exclaims Better Bike Lanes Coordinator Sean Shaw.  “Just as Saskatoon has become one of the best cities economically and culturally in Canada, we think that Saskatoon can also become the best city for cycling in just a few short years.”

One of the best ways to increase the number of commuters who choose to cycle on a regular basis is to provide infrastructure that creates an added perception of safety.  Study after study has shown that this is best accomplished through the provision of separated bike lanes.  Moreover, in cities across North America, businesses located along cycling lanes have experienced significant increases in retail sales.

“The sharrows that have marked our downtown streets since 2009 were a great first step in making people aware that cycling is an important mode of transportation in our city,” says Cathy Watts, Chair of Saskatoon Cycles. “What better place to take the next step in how we provide for cycling than in the heart of our city?”

“The goal of Better Bike Lanes is to build positive support across Saskatoon for the installation of two temporary separated bike lanes that will cross our downtown, north/south and east/west, next spring” explains Shaw. “With just a few buckets of paint and some removable dividers Saskatoon can quickly and affordably build separated bike lanes on 4th Ave and 24th St with minimal changes to traffic flow and on-street parking.” “By physically demonstrating these lanes for a summer, it is our expectation that making them permanent will be an easy next step” Shaw adds.

“Over the next few months we are asking everyone who would like better bike lanes in Saskatoon to visit the website and sign the petition, pass on the word to your family, friends, and co-workers, and contact your City Councillor and Mayor and let them know you want to help make Saskatoon the best city for cycling in Canada!” says Shaw. “By demonstrating the benefits and support for Better Bike Lanes, we hope to make the installation of separated lanes downtown an easy decision for our Councillors and Mayor” concludes Shaw.

To learn more about the benefits of better bike lanes for our transportation system, their positive impacts on local economies, and to sign the petition, please visit the Better Bike Lanes website –

For further questions or to set up an interview, please contact:

Sean Shaw
Better Bike Lanes Coordinator