Write City Council

Contact your City Councillor today and let them know you support Better Bike Lanes in Saskatoon (Clicking on your Councillor’s name will launch your computers email program):

Mayor Don Atchison
Click on this link [here] to send a message to the mayor

Ward 1 – Darren Hill
email: darren.hill@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 227-4322
neighbourhoods: Hudson Bay Park, Kelsey-Woodlawn, Mayfair, City Park, North Park, Richmond Heights, University of Saskatchewan, Sutherland, Forest Grove

Ward 2 – Pat Lorje
email: pat.lorje@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 227-1411
neighbourhoods: Montgomery Place, Holiday Park, King George, Pleasant Hill, Riversdale, Meadow Green, Caswell Hill

Ward 3 – Ann Iwanchuk
email: ann.iwanchuk@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 380-6870
neighbourhoods: Blairmore, Parkridge, Fairhaven, Pacific Heights, Confederation Park, Confederation SC

Ward 4 – Troy Davies
email: troy.davies@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 361-0201
neighbourhoods: Hampton Village, Dundonald, Westview, Massey Place, Mount Royal, Westmount

Ward 5 – Randy Donauer
email: randy.donauer@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 244-6634
neighbourhoods: River Heights, Lawson Heights, Silverwood Heights

Ward 6 – Charlie Clark
email: charlie.clark@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 229-4447
neighbourhoods: Downtown, Nutana, Varsity View, Grosvenor Park, Buena Vista, Haultain, Holliston

Ward 7 – Mairin Loewen
email: mairin.loewen@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 229-5298
neighbourhoods: Exhibition, Queen Elizabeth, Avalon, Adelaide/Churchill, Nutana Park, Nutana SC, Eastview, Stonebridge, The Willows

Ward 8 – Eric Olauson
email: eric.olauson@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 361-0229
neighbourhoods: Greystone Heights, Brevoort Park, College Park, College Park East, Briarwood

Ward 9 – Tiffany Paulsen
email: tiffany.paulsen@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 955-0563
neighbourhoods: Wildwood, Lakeview, Lakeridge, Lakewood SC, Rosewood

Ward 10 – Zach Jeffries
email: zach.jeffries@saskatoon.ca
phone: (306) 249-5513
neighbourhoods: Arbour Creek, Erindale, Willowgrove, University Heights SC, Silversprings, Evergreen