Online Article: Newstalk 650 – October 16, 2013

New campaign to rally support for safer cycling


Petition started for separated bike lanes


Reported by Kelly Malone

A new campaign by Saskatoon Cycles is rallying support to bring safer bike lanes to the city’s streets.

The Better Bike Lanes Campaign  was launched on Tuesday with a petition to bring separated bike lanes to two streets next summer.

“The way to get people who aren’t cycling today to make that choice to cycle tomorrow, we need to provide a better level and perception of safety for those people,” said Better Bike Lanes coordinator Sean Shaw.

“Study after study has shown that its separated bike lanes make that difference to move people who are sort of on the fence about whether or not to get on their bike to get on their bike.”

If successful, Better Bike Lanes would bring Copenhagen-style bike separated bike lanes to 4th Avenue between 25th Street and 19th Street and to 24th Street.

“We think both those streets are good in the fact that we don’t think it would negatively impact traffic flow or that they’d have to remove any significant amount of parking spots to accommodate for cycling infrastructure on those streets,” Shaw explained.

Copenhagen-style bike lanes move the bike line from between parked car and roadway to between parked car and sidewalk.

“What that does is that by having that physical separation between the motor lane where people are driving, the bike lane is now protected by parked cars. So you are not having that interaction between moving cars and moving bikes,” he said.

“It also prevents cyclists from being doored from when a car door is open.”

Beyond the petition, Shaw said in the next couple of months the campaign will help inform and educate people on the benefits of separated bike lanes before approaching council around the start of 2014.

“What we are using that petition for is giving that physical representation of people who are supportive of this idea and to provide that support for when we do go to council,” Shaw said.

“In the first 24 hours we have almost 250 signatures on that petition. That’s a great start and hopefully over the next couple of months we can bring those numbers up but also make people aware.”


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