Online Article: Metro Saskatoon – October 16, 2013

Saskatoon cyclists want separated bike lanes in city’s downtown


Metro Saskatoon


A group of Saskatoon cyclists have sounded the rallying call to gain public support for separated bike lanes in parts of the city’s downtown.


The Better Bike Lanes campaign, organized by cycling advocacy group Saskatoon Cycles, is asking the public to sign a petition in favour of temporary barriers that would separate cyclists from traffic on 4th Avenue and 24th Street in the city’s downtown.


“The purpose of Better Bike Lanes is to just build some positive support across the city over the next few months and eventually—hopefully—get city council to install a pair of separated bike lanes in our downtown core next summer,” Sean Shaw, Better Bike Lanes coordinator said Wednesday.


“The sharrows that we’ve had in our downtown since 2009 were a good first step, but study after study … has shown that by providing separated bike lanes, it does give that extra perception of safety for people who want to cycle, but don’t feel safe.”


In the first 24 hours, more than 200 people had already signed the petition and Shaw said the group hopes that number climbs into the thousands as they prepare to bring the request to city council over the next few months.


Charlie Clark, city councillor for Ward 6, where the lanes would be installed, said the idea is something he could support.


“Right now what we’re seeing is even though we’ve created some sharrows and the 4th Avenue bike lane, there’s still a lot of situations of conflict between cars, cyclists and pedestrians downtown,” Clark said.


“I’ve been to other cities where they’ve implemented separated bike lanes and it does create a much more safe environment.”


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